Who are we?

The International Studies Student Association (ISSA) is a departmental student association committed to promoting the interdisciplinary study of International Studies at Simon Fraser University, and to represent the interests of IS students. Any student who is a declared major, joint major, minor, or honours in History is considered a member of the ISSA. Any student who is intending to declare for one of these programs and any student enrolled in an IS class is also a member of the IS.

Our purpose is to promote engagement among IS students through our academic and social events and reach out to IS students to encourage participation in the ISSA. Throughout the year we put on a variety of events including, but not limited to, fall and spring socials, career events, launches of our Confluence Journal, and more!

If you would like to get involved with the ISSA please let us know, we'd love to have you join our team!

Our Constitution

1)  Name of the Departmental Student Union:

a)  The name of the Union shall be the “International Studies Student Association”, henceforth

     referred to as the “ISSA”.

b)  The name of the organization under which a bank account is registered shall be the SFSS

      International Studies Student Association.

2)  The objectives of the ISSA are as follows:

a)  To promote activities that foster learning in areas of academic study relevant to all three

     streams of the International Studies program.

b)  To provide an organization to represent the academic welfare and interests of its members,

      both those enrolled in undergraduate programs at the School for International Studies

      (henceforth referred to as the “School”).

c)  To promote and represent student interests within the International Studies program.

d)  To undertake projects and activities to benefit the members.

e)  To undertake such initiatives as the members decide.

f)  The aims and objectives of the ISSA shall be consistent with those of the Simon Fraser Student


3)  Membership:

a)  Automatic membership in the ISSA shall be extended to all students currently attending an

      International Studies class as well as intended and declared students in the International

      studies Major, Minor, or Honours program.

b)  Honorary non-voting membership in the ISSA shall be extended to all students registered in a

     Graduate-level International Studies program.

c)  No individual membership fees or levies pertaining to membership shall be assessed or

     collected at any time through the ISSA, including those charged by

     organizations external to the Simon Fraser Student Society to which the ISSA may be


4)  Executive Committee:

a)  There shall be an elected Executive Committee tasked with carrying out the will of the

     membership, as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the ISSA.

b)  The responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be to:

i)   Officially represent members.

ii)   Convene all necessary meetings, giving proper notice to the membership.

iii)  Ensure that the membership is kept informed of all matters affecting the ISSA.

iv)  Conduct the day-to-day operations of the ISSA.

v)   Initiate projects and/or appoint members of the ISSA to undertake special projects as 


vi)  Receive regular activity reports from the executive members to ISSA membership.

vii) Submit a written exit report upon leaving office.

viii) Maintain the highest ideals of honour and integrity while serving on the Executive.

c)  The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, the Vice- Presidents, and the

     Representatives of the ISSA.

i)  The President and the Vice-Presidents are primarily responsible for the operations of the


ii)  Representatives are primarily responsible for maintaining relations between the ISSA

     and student organizations as well as other external bodies.

d)  There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of a:

i)      President

ii)     Vice-President, Internal Relations

iii)    Vice-President, Finances

iv)    Vice-President, Events and Engagement

v)     Vice-President, Communications

vi)    Vice-President, Lower Division

vii)   Departmental Committee Representative
viii)  Simon Fraser Student Society Council Representative ix) Society of Arts and Social

        Sciences Representative
x)    Confluence Representative

e)  All members of the Executive Committee shall be members in good standing of the ISSA as

     enumerated above.

5)  The Duties of the Executive Members:

a)  The President shall be responsible for:

i)   Chairing of all General and Executive Committee Meetings

ii)  Coordinating activities within the ISSA

iii)  Acting as primary liaison with the School

iv)  Initiating new projects as decided upon by the ISSA executive and the ISSA


v)   Being responsible for promoting the ISSA to the campus community

vi)  Coordinating of all executive committee efforts

vii)  Being an ex-officio member of all committees within the ISSA

viii) Being one of three signing officers

b)  Vice-President, Internal Relations shall be responsible for:

i)   Preparing agendas for General and Executive meetings

ii)  Recording all minutes of meetings

iii)  Being responsible for ISSA correspondence

iv)  Receiving and file all written communications, committee reports, and electronic

      communications specific to the ISSA’s internal functioning

v)   Liaising with the SFSS Student Union Organizer

vi)  Being responsible for updating, maintenance and utilization of the web site or for

      overseeing this job if delegated to a web master

vii)  Being responsible for maintaining the ISSA e-mail lists

viii) Being one of the three signing officers

ix)   Assuming and carrying out the rights, duties and obligations of the President during

      their absence or in the event that they should resign, be impeached or abandon office.

c)  Vice-President, Finances shall be responsible for:

i)    Keeping records of the allocation of ISSA’s funds

ii)   Checking and updating the ISSA’s asset list on a monthly basis

iii)  Giving an account of the ISSA’s financial standing and make the record books open to

      members or to the SFSS if requested to do so

iv)  Reporting on the financial state of the ISSA to the Executive and General meetings, and

      present a budget at the General Meeting each semester

v)   Being one of the three signing officers

vi)  Being in charge of coordinating all financial aspects of the ISSA’s fundraising initiatives

      and events

vii) Being responsible for the submission of all grant proposals and funding requests be

      they to the SFSS, the School or to outside institutions

viii) Being the second of three signing officers

ix)   Being responsible for promoting the ISSA to the campus community

d)  Vice-President, Events and Engagement shall be responsible for:

i)  Coordinating and directing events including, but not limited to guest speakers, debates,

    trips and social, and shall be responsible for all room bookings, catering and sponsorship

ii)  Liaising with the executive committee to coordinate all aspects of events planning that

     fall under other executive jurisdiction

iii) Being responsible for promoting the ISSA to the campus community

e)  Vice-President, Communications shall be responsible for:

i)  Communicating to the membership all activities, events, and opportunities relevant to

    the ISSA membership and in accordance with the ISSA and Department objectives

ii)  Coordinating all forms of campus advertisement, including, but not limited to, posters,

     e-mail campaigns, classroom announcements, The Peak, campus televisions

iii)  Managing and maintaining the ISSA’s media and communication channels such as the

      ISSA website, Facebook page and Facebook group

iv)  Being responsible for the planning and production of promotional material as needed

      by the ISSA for its activities and events

f)  Departmental Committee Representative shall be responsible for:

i)  Attending such Departmental or Faculty Committees as exist with voting or non-voting

    student representative’s seats on them, as specified by the Faculty, Department, or

    Program constitution

ii)  Reporting on the business of the Committees on which representatives sit, to the

     Executive and to the membership at general meetings on a regular basis

iii)  Conducting an annual survey to gain feedback from the general membership on issues

      including, but not limited to, student advocacy, department decisions impacting

      students, ISSA activities, etc

iv)  Taking the direction of the general membership in attending to the business of the

      Committee to accomplish the aims and interests of the ISSA

v)   Notifying the Chair of any Committee meetings to which the Committee representative

      cannot available to attend

vi)  Notifying the membership of student vacancies on the Committee

vii) Being responsible for promoting the ISSA to the campus community

g)  Simon Fraser Student Society Council Representative (SFSS) shall be responsible for:

i)  Consulting with and take the direction of the general membership concerning the issues

    and business before Council, to represent the best interests of the ISSA. The position of

    SFSS Council Representative may be taken by an executive officer concurrent with other


ii)  Reporting on the business of and issues before Council to the membership at general

     meetings on a regular basis and to the Executive Committee when general meetings are

     not regularly scheduled

iii)  Communicating business of Council to the general membership and executive

      committee in a timely manner

iv)  Being responsible for promoting the ISSA to the campus community

h)  Society of Arts and Social Sciences Representative (SASS) shall be responsible for:

i)   Attending all Society of Arts and Social Sciences meetings

ii)  Reporting on the business of SASS to the membership at formal meetings on a regular

     basis, and to the Executive Committee when formal meetings are not regularly


iii)  Communicating issues or concerns from the ISSA to SASS in a manner that best

      represents the ISSA membership

iv)  Liaising with SASS and collaborate in their activities and events that may benefit the

      ISSA membership and SASS as a whole

i)   Vice President, Lower Division shall be responsible for:

i)   Representing the interests of lower division members to the ISSA executive

ii)  Promoting the ISSA and its activities to lower division members

iii) Ensuring that ISSA events, meetings and activities are accessible to lower division


iv) Working with the Departmental Committee Representative to ensure that lower division

     member’s interests are represented to the department

v)  Working with the VP Events and Engagement to plan events that engage lower division


j)  Confluence Representative shall be responsible for:

i)   Acting as a liaison between the Confluence team and the ISSA Executive

ii)  Reporting on the activities of Confluence and the progress of the Journal and other

     events hosted by the Confluence team at the meetings of the ISSA Executive

iii)  Seeking support from the ISSA Executive and membership when necessary to support

     Confluence events and initiatives in order to ensure that all ISSA affiliated projects occur

     in accordance with the Constitution and principles of the union

iv)  Promoting the activities of Confluence, including but not limited to the Journal, to the

     membership and student body

6)  Signing Officers

a)  Signing Officers for the ISSA shall be:

i)   The President

ii)  Vice-President, Finances

iii) Vice-President, Internal Relations

iv) Other ISSA members as designated by the general membership

b)  The Signing Officers shall be responsible for:

i)   Signing cheques for expenditures authorized by the membership

ii)  Processing reimbursements from the SFSS core, trust, or grant funding accounts, or the

     ISSA bank account for expenditures authorized by the general membership

iii) Filing a set of bank account transfer authorization letters with the Vice- President of

     Finances for forwarding to the SFSS Student Union Organizer following the

     establishment of a current bank account, or after any change in signing authority

7)  Meetings

a)  Minutes shall be recorded for all meetings

b)  Formal Meetings

i)   There shall be a minimum of three Formal Meetings per semester.

ii)  Quorum for a Formal Meeting shall be half the Executive. At least seven days notice

     must be given to members of the ISSA by manner of a notice by email to all members,

     before a Formal Meeting may be called. A copy of the notice of meeting shall be sent to

     the SFSS Student Union Organizer

iii)  All motions (except motions of recall or constitutional amendments) at Formal Meetings

      shall be decided by a simple majority vote and each member of the ISSA shall be

      entitled to one vote on each motion

iv)  All allocation of Trust and Core funds must be voted on at Formal meetings by majority

     vote at a quorate formal meeting. Executive committee may allocate trust and core

     funding to subcommittees, but must indicate the purpose and amount to be allocated

     within the authorizing motion

v)  A Formal Meeting must be called whenever a petition containing the signatures of ten

    members of the ISSA is presented to the Executive

c)  Annual General Meetings (AGM) and Special General Meetings (SGM)

i)   There will be one AGM held during the Spring semester each year

ii)  Quorum for AGM/SGM shall consist of half the acting members of the Executive and 5

     general members of the ISSA

iii)  A minimum of seven days notice of this meeting must be given to members of the ISSA

      through email notification as well as on campus advertising. A copy of the notice of

     meeting shall be sent to the SFSS Student Union Organizer

iv) All Executive Committee positions shall be elected at the AGM

d)  Regular business to be conducted at the AGM

i)   Appointing a Chair for the AGM

ii)  Receiving and filing the minutes of the previous years’ AGM and any SGM’s held since

     the last AGM

iii) Receiving the Annual Report of the Executive

iv) Receiving the Vice-President Finance’s Report

v)  Any other business set forth by the Executive Committee and the membership of the


e)  Sub-Committee Meetings

i)   A Sub-Committee is a body that advises the Executive Committee as well as carrying

     out functions as deemed expedient for the operations of the ISSA

ii)  Sub-Committee Meetings must be called if requested by two members of the Executive

iii) Quorum for a Sub-Committee shall be 3 members of the ISSA. Sub- committee

    Meetings shall be open to all members of the ISSA and the Chairperson shall make

    available all pertinent information relative to the time and place of such meetings

f)  Failure to Call a Meeting

i) If, at any time, no member of the Executive is able or willing to call a meeting upon

   request of the membership, any member may do so providing proper notice is given and

   the SFSS Student Union Organizer is informed of the particulars.

g) Conduct of Formal Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and Special General Meetings.

i)   The Chair shall adopt Robert’s Rules of Order for the conduct of the meetings upon the

     request of any ISSA member

ii)  Proxy votes are not allowed, including electronic balloting.

iii) Voting on any motion or in any internal election must be done at a meeting called for

     that purpose, and be done by either a show of hands, or by secret ballot on the request

     of any member

iv) Attendance will be taken at the meetings and recorded in the meeting minutes. It shall

     include names of all voters. Members’ email addresses may be included with their


8) Terms of Office, Executive Appointments, and General Elections

a)  Terms of Office of the Executive Committee

i)  Terms of office for executives elected at the AGM have a duration of one year, May 1st of

    year elected until April 30th of the following year. Terms of office for any executives

    elected after May 1st are effective upon being elected, with the end of term aligned as


ii)  Any members in good standing of the ISSA are eligible for positions on the Executive


iii)  Positions are elected in March and executive members are expected to work on ISSA

      initiatives over the summer, even if they will not be on campus

iv)  Absence from two consecutive formal meetings or 5 formal meetings within a term of

      office without approved regrets will result in the position being considered to have

      been abandoned

v)  In the event that a vacancy occurs in one of the positions of the Executive Committee,

     the ISSA shall appoint a temporary non-voting replacement at the soonest Formal

     Meeting who will hold the position until the next AGM/SGM

b)  General Elections

i)  Elections for Executive Committee shall take place at the AGM each year. The notice of

    meeting shall contain notice of elections. Nominations are open until noon the day prior

    to the election

ii)  All voting for elected positions shall be by secret ballot, with the person receiving a

     majority vote being elected. If there is no majority, the person receiving the fewest votes

     shall be eliminated, and a new vote shall be held

iii) The members may recall any person elected to represent them by a two- thirds vote of

     the members present at a quorate meeting called for this purpose. Notice of the

     meeting shall contain the purpose

iv)  In the event that all positions are not filled during the annual election, or an executive

     resigns their seat before the full term is served, an election shall take place at the next

     scheduled AGM/SGM. Notice of this meeting shall include notice of the election

9)  Recall

a) Conditions for commencing Recall:

i) Executive members shall be subject to recall at any time upon presentation to the

   Executive Committee of a petition signed by ten members of the ISSA, and showing just

   cause. Just cause includes, but is not limited to, behaviour that is contrary to the policies

   and objectives of both ISSA members and the objectives stated in the ISSA constitution

   Removal requires two-thirds approval at a quorate Special General Meeting called for this

   purpose. Notice of motion to recall must be include with the notice of meeting

   scheduled to vote on recall

b) Upon presentation of the petition, the Executive shall call a Special General Meeting

10)  Amendments to this Constitution

a)  This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3rds majority of the members present and voting at

     a quorate general meeting called for the purpose

b)  Amendments proposed by the Executive Committee must be posted prior to the meeting in

     clear view near the Departmental Office as well as on the website for a period equivalent to

     regular meeting notice requirements. Notice of such constitutional amendments will be sent

     out to the membership via email

c)  Notice of meeting must indicate where copies of the amendment(s) can be readily obtained

d)  Amendments approved by the membership must be ratified by the SFSS Student Union

     Organizer before they can be put into effect or included in the official constitution of the ISSA

e)  Section 11, Dissolution, shall not be amended

11)  Dissolution

a)  This article shall not be altered except with the prior written consent of the Simon Fraser

     Student Society

b)  In the event that the ISSA becomes inactive, all assets of the ISSA revert to the Simon Fraser

     Student Society, to be held in trust for a minimum period of two years. For the purpose of this

     article, the Student Union shall have be deemed inactive if the membership does not hold the

     minimum number of quorate general meetings as required by this constitution for two

     consecutive semesters

c)  If the ISSA is regenerated to represent the interests of students within the

     Program/Department/School during this period, the trust shall be dissolved and all assets

    shall be at the direct disposal of the ISSA

d) If the trust has not been dissolved after two years, the Simon Fraser Student Society may

    redistribute the assets as it sees fit

12)  Ratification

a) This Constitution was ratified by the Simon Fraser Student Society’s designate on this date:

October 22, 2015

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