Alex Aparicio

As ISSA President I am in charge of trying to meet the needs of the IS students through leading the efforts of the ISSA executive body. In my five years at SFU I have been able to study in Spain, volunteer with the international student services at SFU, and work towards developing sustainable tourism in Ecuador. I am an aspiring polyglot, and always planning my next trip.

Yasmin Mozaffarian

Hey guys, my name is Yasmin! I'm an IS major going into my 5th and (hopefully) last year at SFU. My role as VP Communications is to manage the ISSA social media and promote events! Something interesting about me is that I'm going to Uganda next summer for an internship! I love all things outdoors and I love travelling. One of my favourite travel experiences was visiting the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon!

Beatriz Fernandes 

Hey guys! My name is Bea and I'm a fourth-year IS and Communications double major. I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, and have since then lived in the US, Singapore and Canada. This summer I'm heading to Uganda for an internship in local development. This will be my second year at the ISSA, in which my role is Event Planning! This essentially entails planning both small and big-time events for the association, as well as establishing contacts for students within and outside of the school.

Maheen Farooq

Hey everyone, I’m Maheen! I’m a 3rd year IS major and the SASS rep for the ISSA. I’ve spent my life moving around (South East Asia, the Middle East, and here and there in Canada) so I’ve cultivated an interest in travelling and meeting people from all over. One of the main things I want to do before I graduate is take a road trip across Canada. I also love movies, food and hiking!

Landyn Imagawa

Hey everyone! My name is Landyn and I am the Confluence Representative for the ISSA. I am in my fourth year at SFU but I am taking this semester to do a coop with the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. I love travelling! I have backpacked throughout Europe, North America, South America and will be studying and interning in Uganda next summer! I also love road trips, movies, and wine nights with friends!

Rafaella Enderica

Hi! My name is Rafaella and I am a soon to be third year majoring in IS with a minor in Business. I’m one of the lower division representatives which means my job is to connect with first and second years in the IS major and represent their views and interests to our ISSA executives. Some fun facts about me are that I worked at the biggest bank in Ecuador in 2017 for six months, I also competed in Miss Universe Canada 2018 and later won the title of Miss Canada Hispanoamericana 2018, and I recently got my open water scuba diving license!

Misha Murphy

Hey guys! My name is Misha. I'm a third-year International Studies student in the role of the lower division rep. Lower-division rep entails reaching out to lower-division students about events and opportunity within the IS department! In my free time, I like to write songs! 

Alex Senchyna

Hi! I'm Alex! I'm a fourth year IS major, and History minor. My role as the Faculty Representative is to facilitate communication between the ISSA, professors and the SFU administration. In addition to doing my undergrad at SFU, I did my third year abroad in France studying French and International Affairs and Strategy at Sciences Po Paris. This summer I will be studying East African politics and development studies in Uganda. 

Jenna Sangha

Hi! I’m Jenna and I’m a first year student majoring in International Studies! As the Vice President of Finance for the ISSA, my role is to oversee budgets for the events and activities that we host. I have been passionate about the developing world from a very young age and hope that my education will allow me to pursue a career with the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). I enjoy yoga, walks in trails, and have seen all 9 seasons of The Office about 3 times!

Hey everyone! My name is Tianna and I am a 2nd year IS major. As the VP Internal Relations, I do the logistics, meaning the scheduling and agendas for meetings as well as email outreach to inform everyone about upcoming events. Outside of the ISSA I am also the Media Coordinator for Embark, an SFU based organization focused on sustainability around campus!

Tianna Sequeira

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